What Do You Need To Know About IoT?

Internet of Things or IoT is a hot topic in technology industry and we are wondering why each industry insider is quite frenzied about this. Internet of things Singapore isn’t the newly born technology however one that has been there for a long time now.

What’s Internet of Things?

IoT can be referred as Machine to Machine or M2M. IoT is the network of connected humans, systems and devices. Network comprises of daily objects like watches, keys, phones, cars, household appliances, buildings and more. The objects when it is integrated with the chips or sensors get an ability to read the new data or communicate on their own. Human intervention is minimum. Together when these devices are been integrated, they will “talk”, “think”, or “feel” one another, and allowing us to monitor it anytime and anywhere and enjoy fruit of the intelligent services.

What Does This Mean?

Internet of Thing touches different facets of lives. Practically, opportunities are never ending and in near future, we may come across IoT at systems or networks we use. Applications of the IoT are getting developed daily. Right from enhancing the security to conserving the energy to reducing the maintenance costs, many companies are now working towards the developing infrastructure, which can revolutionize in a way we stay our lives. IoT can play an important role in development smart cities, ambitious project of government. From the residential e-meters and gas leakage detection and traffic control, IoT provides various innovative technologies for surveillance, lighting, and integrated control.

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