Help your kids to learn in Australian Curriculum School

The curriculum streamlines the education system in Australia and fits into Labor’s plan to make schools accountable for their own performance. The Australian curriculum school in Singapore site is a new initiative by assessing like colleges throughout the nation to hold schools accountable for their performance.

One of the areas that the curriculum should address is that the literacy crisis Australia is currently facing. The Council of Australian Governments published a report detailing the magnitude of the literacy problem in Australia. It made the following points:

The children of Australia haven’t been getting the instruction they need in order to develop literacy skills. The cause of this has been a move away from the breakdown of those sounds which make up a word, or teaching phonics, to the teaching of words. The belief was kids would learn to sound out and spell words with the context of the word and memory.

Academics and notable authors told teachers and parents only read to your kids, and they’ll learn how to spell, use grammar, and read. This will not work. In a word report children in school who can not even differentiate between words in a sentence sounds in certain schools psychologists. A large and rapidly expanding body of literature indicates that children have to be taught to recognize the individual sounds that make up a sentence and how those sounds relate to the letters on the page.

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