Helpful Tips on How to Take Care of Your Jewelry

Jewelry is probably one of the most precious possessions that you’ll ever receive in your life. Let’s forget about the whole materialistic concept for a while.

When you receive jewelry, it’s definitely not a joke. Whether it’s a gift or an heirloom, jewelry is something that you want to take care of not only due to its monetary value but due to its sentimental worth. Palm Springs jewelry has precious findsand you would want to buytheir products so that you can maintain its beauty and sparkle and pass it on to your daughter someday.

Light and Heat:

Two of the most harmful elements which can ruin the beauty of jewelry are heat and light. Just as it can damage your skin, heat can also damage your jewelry’s color and durability.

Eventually, you’ll discover that exposed jewelry will lack translucence and sparkle of gemstones. Over time, gemstones get damaged or faded and the same goes to other materials and stones, too. Pearls will also get bleached if exposed to a lot of heat. Some even start to become darker when exposed to excessive light.

The gems in your jewelry may even get fractured as too much heat can remove the natural moisture that your gemstones have which maintain the color and luster. Discoloration is noticed and some may even crack up and dry out in the process.


Aside from light and heat, chemicals can also damage and discolor your jewelry especially those that have gold, platinum and silver in it. You may think that it’s harmless but lotion that you use can be potentially harmful to your jewelry when it touches the surface of jewelry, especially pearls. Perfume and the occasional hairspray also contain certain chemicals that will damage delicate gemstones and pearls.

Special Care:

Generally, a special treatment is conducted to improve, enhance and restore the appearance of jewelry, including the gemstones in it. Some use ultrasonic cleaners which bring back the shine and sparkle of many of your jewelry. However, there are some gems which need extra care to ensure durability. It is always best to leave the cleaning to professionals who have the expertise and knowledge on proper jewelry care.

Safe Methods at Home:

Fortunately, most gems can be cleaned right at home. You just need warm water and very mild soap, plus a soft brush. If you rinse your jewelry, place it first in a glass of water. Do not clean it directly in the sink to avoid losing stones, which may come lose at any time during the cleaning process. There are soft gems that may be easily scratched so you have to use soft brushes that are clean. A soft makeup brush is recommended.

Safe Home Storage:

Often people overlook the fact that proper storage actually plays a valuable part in making sure that jewelry is kept clean and sparkly. Your jewelry should not be tossed about or thrown inside a drawer. This could cause scratches and ugly abrasions eventually. When you receive your jewelry, it will most likely be placed in a soft box or pouch and this is exactly where you should keep these precious finds. For instance, silver should be stored in a bag that’s anti-tarnishing.

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